No Rain, No Water… No Problem?

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Northern Californians are taking showers over buckets to save precious water. They're letting their lawns die, leaving their swimming pools empty and driving unwashed cars.  Most of Southern California's water comes from up there — but there are no such limits down here. For now, there's enough water in local reservoirs and underground storage, but nobody knows how long that's going to last and the State Water Project has cut off all deliveries for agriculture and urban areas. We hear what local homeowners can do voluntarily to conserve and recycle. Also, the buzz about keeping bees in urban Los Angeles.

Later on To the Point, for the second year in a row, President Obama is pushing universal pre-school education —without much chance of getting a program funded by Congress. We look at how it works, the potential impact on poverty, and at the political challenges.

Banner image: Hetch Hetchy Dam. Photo: TheOtter



Warren Olney