Republicans Take Aim at Medicare

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Republican House Speaker John Boehner met President Obama at the White House today, but they failed to make a deal to avoid a government shutdown on Friday. Meanwhile, Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Virginia blamed the stalemate on a "lack of [Democratic] leadership in the Senate." As the battle raged over this year's federal budget today, the chair of the House Budget Committee, Wisconsin Republican Paul Ryan, presented his much-awaited plan for cutting the deficit and restructuring Medicaid and Medicare. We hear the details and look at the political consequences.


Massimo Calabresi - Time, Gail Russell Chaddock - Christian Science Monitor - @RussellChaddock, Maya MacGuineas - Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget - @MayaMacGuineas, Dean Baker - Center for Economic and Policy Research - @DeanBaker13

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