Obamacare Numbers Look Best in California

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Initial enrollment numbers for the Affordable Care Act were made public today, and California leads the nation with 35,000. But that’s hardly a victory for Obamacare. In all 36 states where the federal government is in charge, the total was 27,000 — and the nationwide number is 10% of what had been hoped for. We hear what that could mean for affordable health insurance. Also, gracious homes with lawns and gardens look on the outside like those next door in Thousand Oaks. But as many as 40 immigrant workers live on the inside. We visit a subdivision of gardeners, housekeepers and baby sitters in Newbury Park. 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, at the cost of $100 billion taxpayer dollars a year, the Farm Bill pays for controversial policies, including food stamps and subsidies to big agribusiness. Now it's expired, and compromise is stalled by partisanship. We hear about Republican and Democratic versions and what might happen if no bill passes at all.




Warren Olney