On Memorial Day: The Politics of Remembering

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Since antiquity, fallen soldiers have been memorialized with statues, tombs poems and songs — and, now, with websites. Ruling governments build public monuments to commemorate wars. Families want to honor the sons and daughters who fought and died in those wars. The Vietnam Veterans Memorial on the Washington Mall provides a shared experience for the mourning survivors of a war that divided the nation. On this Memorial Day, we hear about the different ways that America's war dead have been, and are being, memorialized.



  • Kirk Savage - Professor of Architecture and Art History, University of Pittsburgh
  • Jack Colnot - Founder, OurFallenSoldier.com
  • Ruth Stonesifer - President, American Gold Star Mothers
  • Andrew Bacevich - President of the Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft and professor emeritus, Boston University.


Warren Olney