Power and Water: The Los Angeles Aqueduct at 100

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"There it is -- Take it," said William Mulholland on November 5, 1913 as water began to flow from the Eastern Sierras into the city of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Aqueduct was open. The water that flowed from it would help turn LA in one of the world's largest and most important cities. On the 100th anniversary of the LA Aqueduct, we look at William Mulholland's legacy and the on-going quest to quench LA's thirst. This program was produced by Matt Holzman and is hosted by Madeleine Brand and Saul Gonzalez. (Airs Tuesday, November 5 at noon and 7pm.)

For more on this one-hour special go to at KCRW.org/water.

Banner image courtesy of the Los Angeles Public Library