President Bush and the Asia-Pacific Economic Summit

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The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, which ended yesterday in Hanoi, with the region's leaders all decked for a photo op in traditional "ao dai" robes. The meeting marked only the second time a US President has visited Vietnam since the end of the war there 31 years ago. Vietnam hoped to dazzle regional leaders, while President Bush came with a wish list of his own. While Vietnam is booming economically, what about its political and human rights reforms?  What is the state of relations between the US and Hanoi today? What progress did the President make towards liberalizing trade in the region? Does China now carry more weight in the region than the US?  Sara Terry guest hosts.  (An extended version of this program originally aired earlier today on To the Point.)



  • Derek Mitchell - Senior Fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • David Dapice - Professor of Economics at Tufts University
  • Greg Auberry - Representative of Catholic Relief Services in Vietnam
  • Andrew Lam - author in Saigon, editor for New America Media


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