Proposition 90: Private Property, Eminent Domain and the Environment

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Local, state and federal governments have always been able to seize property that owners don't want to sell for public uses like roads, schools, parks or fire stations.  Last year, the US Supreme Court expanded the government's power to force the sale of property by owners who want to hold on.  In addition to public projects like roads or schools, the "power of eminent domain" now can be used for private projects, like shopping centers. Proposition 90 on the November ballot makes California one of 13 states with ballot initiatives to counteract that decision--and more. Is it a reasonable protection for private property rights?  Would it increase the cost of government and eliminate safeguards for the environment?  We hear the pros and cons.



  • Bob Stern - Center for Governmental Studies
  • Doug LaMalfa - Republican State Assemblyman
  • Tom Adams - Board President of the California League of Conservation Voters


Warren Olney