Seniority Rules and Equal Rights in LA's Public Schools

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Because of the economic crunch, the Los Angeles Unified School District was forced to lay off teachers last year, and that’s certain to happen again. State law mandates that the last teacher hired must be the first fired. In February, the American Civil Liberties Union went to court, claiming that the seniority rule was depriving some kids of their constitutional right to an equal education. Now, the elected School Board has approved what Mayor Villaraigosa calls a “landmark agreement” that protects some 45 under-performing schools from lay-offs. The teachers’ union may challenge the deal.


Mark Rosenbaum - director of Public Counsel Opportunity Under Law - @publiccounsel, Steve Zimmer - LA Unified School District; candidate for School Board District 4 seat - @lausd_zimmer, A.J. Duffy - Apple Academy Charter Public Schools, John Ayers - Father of two children at Beethoven Street Elementary School

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