Political Gridlock and the Fight over the Consumer Watchdog Agency

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Is Political Gridlock a Threat to Governance?Political gridlock is pushing Washington closer to financial catastrophe if the two parties can't agree to raise the debt ceiling by August 2. Now there's potential gridlock over implementing last year's finance reform, passed by the Democrats when they controlled both houses. This year, Republicans are hell-bent to change it. Harvard Professor Elizabeth Warren is out as head of the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so President Obama has nominated Ohio's Attorney to run the new agency. But Richard Cordray has to be confirmed by the Senate, and the GOP says he, too, is "dead on arrival." They're demanding that a board, instead of a single director, run the new agency and that funding come from Congress rather than the Federal Reserve.


Ed Mierzwinski - US Public Interest Research Group, Mark Calabria - Cato Institute, Norman Ornstein - American Enterprise Institute / Atlantic - @NormOrnstein, Stephen Hess - Brookings Institution

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