Should Shamu Shows Be Banned at SeaWorld in San Diego?

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SeaWorld has already distanced itself from the capture of killer whales in the wild. New orcas are bred in captivity to entertain almost 25 million people a year in Orlando, San Antonio and San Diego. But whale shows at SeaWorld San Diego would be shut down by legislation now pending in Sacramento. It's a response to a devastating documentary. 


Blackfish documents the deaths of several trainers and reports that keeping orcas in captivity is both dangerous and inhumane. SeaWorld, which says it's one of "the world's most respected zoological institutions" and a boon to San Diego's economy, blames the proposed law on "extreme animal rights activists. We hear from Santa Monica Democrat Richard Bloom, who’s introduced the Orca Welfare and Safety Act in the State Assembly, a one-time killer-whale trainer and a self-described SeaWorld "superfan."



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