The Gathering Storm and the Campaign for the White House

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Image-for-WWLA.jpgAfter briefing reporters on efforts to prepare an upcoming disaster, President Obama answered just one question today at the White House: what about the ongoing campaign for the White House? As Hurricane Sandy makes landfall, and with only a week left to go until the election, we look at what days of devastation could mean for early voting and the crucial "ground games" of the presidential campaigns. 


Molly Ball - national political correspondent, TIME - @mollyesque, Mark Halperin - Bloomberg Politics / Showtime's 'The Circus' - @markhalperin, Grant Neeley - University of Dayton, Patrick Gauding - College Democrats of Ohio - @pgauding, Alex Triantafilou - Hamilton County Republican Party - @ChairmanAlex, Chris Littleton - Littleton and Associates - @clittleton

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Christian Bordal, Evan George, Frances Anderton