The Hunt for Christopher Dorner

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Christopher Jordan Dorner was formally charged today with killing a Riverside police officer and attempting to kill two others. So-called "special circumstances" make him eligible for the death penalty. In his lengthy manifesto on Facebook, Dorner vows "unconventional warfare" against all officers involved in his firing by the LAPD — and their families. In many Southern California neighborhoods, armed guards have been assigned to guard his possible victims. Dorner says his careers as police officer and Navy reservist have been ended because he was falsely accused of lying because he is black. He says the LAPD is as racist as it was before the Rodney King beating, despite years of investigations, reforms and new chiefs leading a department with a majority of ethnic minorities. The subject of a manhunt big enough to be called unprecedented in Southern California history, a $1 million reward has been offered for information leading to his arrest and conviction.


Andy Neiman - Los Angeles Police Department - @LAPDNeiman, Darrell Satzman - News Producer, Joel Rubin - Los Angeles Times - @joelrubin, Connie Rice - Los Angeles civil rights attorney, former member of President Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing - @ConnieRicePCN

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