The Libby Trial and Revelations from Bush White House

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In the trial that is ripping open the Bush White House, the President's former press secretary testified today against Vice President Cheney's former top aide. Ari Fleischer told a jury that "Scooter" Libby knew Valerie Plame was a CIA agent days before Libby swore he was told by a reporter. That revelation could have led to the deaths of people Plame worked with overseas. Tim Russert of NBC, Matthew Cooper of Time and Judith Miller of the New York Times are all expected to testify at the trial. We speak with journalists, political strategists and legal experts about the White House dealings with the CIA and the media, and about a trial that's as much about politics as it is about perjury. (An extended version of this discussion was originally broadcast earlier today on To the Point.)




Warren Olney