Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink

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The LA Times reports that there won’t be poppies this year in the Antelope Valley. Some butterflies are staying dormant because there’s a lack of flowers in Southern California. Seasonal ponds are too dry for frogs or fairy shrimp. But deer, bobcats and rattlesnakes will be more evident this summer in residential neighborhoods. It’s all about the shortage of water after a decade of drought-like conditions with the exception of the drenching winter of 2005. We begin with Debra Man, Chief Assistant General Manager and Operating Officer for the Metropolitan Water District, which serves almost 18 million people.



  • Debra Man - Assistant General Manager and Chief Operating Officer for the Metropolitan Water District
  • Gerry Johns - Deputy Director for Water Resources Planning at the California Department of Water Resources
  • Rodney Fujita - Marine Ecologist at the Environmental Defense Fund and author of Heal the Oceans: Solutions for Saving Our Seas
  • Paul Rogers - San Jose Mercury News - @PaulRogersSJMN


Warren Olney