FEMA, Disaster Relief and the Politics of Global Warming

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FEMA, Disaster Relief and the Politics of Global WarmingHurricane Irene is the most recent in a string of natural disasters, including the tornado in Joplin, Missouri, flooding in Minot, North Dakota, drought in Texas and wildfires in the Southwest. President Obama is promising federal help to victims of Hurricane Irene, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency is running out of money and House Republican leaders say any new federal assistance will have to be paid for with cuts elsewhere in the budget. We hear about disaster relief in the short term and the long-term politics of global warming.


Lisa Mascaro - Chief Congressional Correspondent, AP - @LisaMascaro, John Broder - New York Times, David Jenkins - Republicans for Environmental Protection, Myron Ebell - Competitive Enterprise Institute, Anthony Leiserowitz - Yale University - @ecotone2

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