UTLA Elects a New and Little Known President… by a Landslide

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LA's teachers union has a new President and he leans left. Alex Caputo-Pearl is against the growing influence of standardized testing and evaluating teacher based on student test scores. Eighty percent of the union is behind him. Barbara Bogaev asks whether this new leader will be able to overcome Superintendent Mike Deasy's objections to these educational reforms? Also, Can the NBA force Donald Sterling to sell the Clippers?

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, should the Internet go to the highest bidder? The FCC is proposing new "pay to play" rules for big Internet providers that would create an express lane for some content on the web. Could a two-tiered broadband system get our YouTube cat videos to load faster and look better, or is it a death blow to the idea of net neutrality and equal access to information for all?