Is China Becoming the World's New Civil Engineer?

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Obama Meets the Press; China, the World's New Civil Engineer?During his White House news conference today, President Obama insisted again that infrastructure, especially high-speed rail, will be essential to getting the US economy back on track. One of many competitors in this regard is China, which has ballyhooed this week's opening of a high-speed train between Beijing and Shanghai as its latest demonstration of technological expertise. The San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge is being rebuilt partly in China, by Chinese workers using advanced technology. What about the President's call for infrastructure construction to bolster America's economy? 

Photo: Aerial view of the Bay Bridge retrofit project, © California Department of Transportation


Adam Minter - author of the book “"Secondhand: Travels in the New Global Garage Sale." - @AdamMinter, Tony Anziano - California State Department of Transportation, Leo Gerard - United Steelworkers of America, Philip Levy - American Enterprise Institute

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