Which Way, LA? The Question that Won't Go Away

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In April of 1992, when the Rodney King Riots broke out, Warren Olney had quit the television news business and was looking for something to do.  The civil disturbance was still going on when Ruth Seymour, KCRW’s then-general manager, asked him to host one hour on the radio with a few guests in the studio and open phone lines.  The audience responded, and he was asked back…for another day, another week and so on as the conversations evolved into the program Which Way, LA?  The program is ending tonight, but the question lingers on, and this won’t be the last time he’ll be asking it on KCRW. 


A note from Warren:
It’s been my honor and privilege to host this program for 23 years.   I could not have done it without a succession of extraordinary producers too numerous to name and a great production staff.  Thanks, of course, to the many people who’ve been guests on this program.  But they’re not off the hook, and neither are the staff or the producers.  I’ll still be hosting our nationally syndicated program, "To the Point," as well a new series called "Olney in LA." It’ll be cropping up on All Things Considered, Morning Edition and other places as well.   We'll continue to serve this very attentive, responsive audience — our loyal listeners as well as our honest critics -- -you’re the ones who make it all worthwhile.