Will California Bring Back Bilingual Education?

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The state senate's considering a ballot measure to restore bilingual education, thrown out of the public schools by the voters in 1998. Since then, the voting population has changed statewide, and kids taught in two languages have been successful in San Francisco. We hear some opposing voices. Also, will LA Supervisors spend $2 billion on a new jail or downsize the population of mentally ill inmates by providing outside treatment instead? 

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, last week in Oklahoma, Clayton Lockett became the latest in a series of death row inmates who have visibly suffered during their executions. Are judges being bullied into allowing the use of untested drugs for lethal injections?  What's the impact on the continued debate over abolishing capital punishment?

Banner image: State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-LB) discusses his initiative to amend portions of Proposition 227 which limits public school instruction to English-only.



Warren Olney