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Ali Kaveh Guest
Ali Kaveh

Everyday Iran

Photojournalist and co-founder of the Instagram feed Everyday Iran

FROM Ali Kaveh

Press Play with Madeleine Brand

Everyday Instagram There are some places in the world we only hear about when something awful happens, when there’s a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or deadly epidemic. But of course, that’s not a complete picture of these places. A photographer and a journalist who have worked throughout Africa want to share what it’s like there on a daily basis, so a couple of years ago they created a blog and Instagram feed called Everyday Africa . It shows exactly that, everyday people walking in the park, going to the market or to school. The feed has 127,000 followers and has inspired similar feeds as far away as Egypt and as exotic as the Bronx. An unidentified member of the Uganda LGBT community poses for a picture at unidentified location in Kampala, Uganda. The question of sexuality remains a very delicate topic to discuss not just in Uganda but in a majority of the African countries. Despite risking a backclash from the West, several African countries today feel they are standing tall by coming up with different pieces of legislations that outlaw same sex relationships. Photo by Edward Echwalu @edward_echwalu #EdwardEchwalu #everydayafrica #everydayeverywhere #africa #Uganda #LGBT #Kampala A photo posted by Everyday Africa (@everydayafrica) on Feb 9, 2015 at 10:53pm PST A young army conscript poses for the photographer in a florist’s. He has bought a bunch of flowers to surprise his family as he goes back home at the end of a two-month army training course. Iran has a mandatory military service for men which starts at the age of 18. #Tehran, #Iran. Photo by Khosro Parkhideh @khparkhideh #everydaytehran #everydayiran #everydayeverywhere سربازی جوان که پس از اتمام دوره‌ی دو ماهه‌ی آموزشی، برای غافلگیری خانواده با یک دسته گل به خانه می‌رود، برای عکاس ژست گرفته است. #تهران، #ایران. عکاس: خسرو پرخیده A photo posted by Everyday Iran (@everydayiran) on Mar 13, 2015 at 10:05am PDT

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