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Chair of the Venice Media District Committee, a sitting committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce; ten-year resident of Venice and owner of Hype Communications, a PR and marketing company that works primarily with entertainment companies in Los Angeles, California and beyond

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For a long time, people in Silicon Valley would fly to LA when they had to.

Silicon Beach and the Perils of Gentrification

For a long time, people in Silicon Valley would fly to LA when they had to.

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Today the House of Representatives introduced an article of impeachment against President Trump, charging him with “incitement of insurrection.”

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Immediate financial relief topped Governor Gavin Newsom's wishlist in an ambitious $227 billion spending plan he released Friday for the upcoming fiscal year.

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Five new mass vaccination sites are opening today in LA County, and Angelenos ages 65 and up can start getting vaccinated this Thursday.

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The U.S. House of Representatives is taking up a resolution that would call on Vice President Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment and take over President Trump's duties.

Cases of COVID-19 are on the rise among people experiencing homelessness in LA County. Group shelters are having a particularly hard time controlling the spread.

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George Clooney exclusively told KCRW that President Donald Trump and his family will be put “into the dustbin of history” after a Trump-supporting mob besieged the Capitol building on…

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Josh Barro and Ken White talk about the final acts of the Trump administration: the last pardons he gave, the ones he didn’t give, and what’s next for our show.

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Josh Barro talks with David Dayen and Lanhee Chen about Congress getting organized for the Biden presidency, the fight over the filibuster and major legislation, and foreign policy in…

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Following the insurrection at the U.S.

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