David Mamet

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and director


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David Mamet: Phil Spector

from The Treatment

David Mamet

from The Treatment

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With Hollywood mostly shut down, we check in with people dealing with this difficult time across the industry.

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When the documentary/performance piece they institute caught the attention of Jason Segel, he decided to turn it into a shape shifting drama series about the need for community.

from The Treatment

In 1971, when sound designer Jim LeBrecht was 15, he had a summer of love  at a camp for disabled kids. It was a place that fostered a spirit of history-changing activism.

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Jenny Offill’s  Weather  is a book about people living very much in our times.

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Look outside your window these days and what you see is a sci-movie with silent streets devoid of life. Here are a few movies that have turned empty cities into art.

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In a normal year, many Angeleno designers and showroom owners would be packing their bags soon to head to Milan for Salone del Mobile, the massive furniture fair.

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Merry Norris, the private art consultant and longtime public advocate for art and architecture in Los Angeles, died Monday night from pneumonia at age 80. Frances Anderton pays tribute…

A museum offers a virtual tour. More artists are doing interviews on Instagram. The stimulus bill addresses the arts. Plus, I offer another art project to do at home.

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AT&T has appointed former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar as the new head of WarnerMedia. That means he’ll oversee HBO, HBO Max, CNN, Warner Bros. and other WarnerMedia properties.

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