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Recent college graduate who hopes to go to graduate school in the fall, he worked on both the 2008 and 2012 Obama campaigns

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Today, President Obama made  his second inaugural address  to the nation.

Obama's Second Inaugural: From DC to Southern California

Today, President Obama made his second inaugural address to the nation.

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President Trump is delivering his State of the Union address Tuesday night, a speech that had been delayed during the government shutdown.

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The Green New Deal targets climate change--but that’s not all.

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Huntington Beach – Surf City USA – is paddling away from mainstream California.

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Everyone is talking about Tuesday’s State of the Union, including us.

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Democrats seem unlikely to give in to President Trump’s wall funding demands, making another government shutdown likely.

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When Rafael Tobias Giron went to renew his immigration papers, he didn’t think he would be scammed by a notario and imprisoned.  The word “notario” is a tricky one in LA.

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Shopping the Santa Barbara Farmers Market isn’t just for vegetarians.

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50 years ago, The Beatles performed what would become their last concert together.

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President Trump’s intelligence team went to Capitol Hill this week for their yearly update to the Congress. But Trump did not like what they said and how it was covered.

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