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Customer Service Director for the Department of Water and Power

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Drought Busters Hit Street on the Prowl for Water Wasters

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But will they hold him in contempt of Congress?

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We visit a job fair in South LA set up for transgender people who often face unemployment and workplace discrimination and harassment.

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California State Senator Scott Wiener’s controversial housing bill, SB 50, has been shelved for debate until next year.

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LA is often called a concrete jungle, but it’s teeming with wild animals, insects and plants. More than 5000 species of birds live here or pass through as they migrate up the coast.

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The company Beyond Meat makes plant-based food like veggie dogs, veggie burgers, and fake ground meat. Beyond Meat went public on Thursday, and shares more than doubled.

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The “world’s best green journalist” says it may be too late to save the planet, but that doesn’t seem to keep tech barons and the rest of the uber-rich up at night.

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California is known as the capital of health and wellness fads. But when and how did the Golden State get that reputation?

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There was a time when LAX wasn’t the unwieldy beast that it’s become. We hear about those days from 93-year-old Ethel Pattison, the airport’s oldest continuously working employee.

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“The Terminator,” “Blade Runner,” and “Her” all center around a future of humans and machines living together. But that’s actually happening right now. The A.I.

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