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Ryan Seacrest is producing what sounds like another Kardashian spin-off for Bravo.

LA's Iranian Community Gets a Reality TV Show

Ryan Seacrest is producing what sounds like another Kardashian spin-off for Bravo.

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Today the U.S. Labor Department said prices in October were 6.2% higher than they were last year, which is the biggest jump in three decades.

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The Santa Susana Field Lab — overlooking Chatsworth, Simi Valley, and Canoga Park — was a nuclear testing site for America’s space exploration programs from 1948 until 2006.

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As the winter season approaches, LA County might be spared from another major COVID-19 spike.

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Josh Barro and Ken White discuss the second indictment from John Durham’s investigation into the investigation of the Trump campaign and Russia.

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It’s been two months since Carson residents started smelling rotten eggs and getting headaches.

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Josh, Liz and Sean discuss Democrats’ loss in Virginia, their narrow victory in New Jersey, the lessons each side should think over, and “let’s go, Brandon.”

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Koreatown performance artist Kristina Wong suddenly had no work when the pandemic began, so she started creating face masks.

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Nearly 19 months after the pandemic lockdowns, the 36th edition of the iconic race is making its return on Nov. 7.

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Cannabis is America’s fastest-growing industry, but how much cash does all the cush translate to?

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