Randon Lane

city council member in Murrieta


As a father of three, Randon and his wife, Bridget, moved to Murrieta in hopes of finding the perfect place to raise their children. In Murrieta, they found a tight-knit community that shared their values of traditional family, education and faith. After receiving his college degree, Randon went to work in private industry, working at Fortune 500 companies such as Telecommunications, Inc., Media-One, AT&T Broadband, Nextel and Sprint. After finding great professional success, Randon became interested in working in the public sector. Beginning in 2006, he served as the Field Representative for California State Assemblyman Kevin Jeffries, gaining valuable experience in constituent services. He broadened his experience in 2009 and 2010 when he became the Political Director for Meg Whitman for Governor. In January of 2011 Randon became the Public Affairs Manager for the SoCalGas managing Beaumont east to Morongo and south to Temecula. Randon began his involvement volunteering on the Planning Commission, which witnessed one of the greatest population explosions that has been realized by a city, an increase of almost 70%. Randon continued his efforts and was elected to the Murrieta City Council in 2008 and is the past Mayor of Murrieta and currently serving as a Councilmember. He has been a strong advocate of infrastructure first and maintaining the necessary public safety and infrastructure to ensure Murrieta can grow safely and responsibly. Due to Randon’s continued efforts advocating for Murrieta and the Region was elected to the National League of Cities Board of Directors and the League of California Cities Board of Directors.

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Buses filled with 140 undocumented migrants - many of them women and children - were blocked by protesters on their way to a processing center in Murrieta yesterday.

Murrieta Immigration Protests

Buses filled with 140 undocumented migrants - many of them women and children - were blocked by protesters on their way to a processing center in Murrieta yesterday.

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