Warren Littlefield


Former television executive and author of Top of the Rock: Inside the Rise and Fall of Must See TV

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Littlefield on NBC's 'Must See TV' Era

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Growing up in Rockford, Illinois, Bing Liu was obsessed with making skateboarding videos with his friends.

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It is, every bit of it, the cat’s meow.

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Los Angeles-Long Beach has once again been cited the nation’s capital for dirty air, just as LA Mayor Eric Garcetti has made cleaning the air a central plank of his green new deal.

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While ratings for broadcast television continue to plummet, the annual ritual known as the upfronts soldiers on in New York.

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A bill in Sacramento called SB50 would override local zoning rules to legalize small and mid-size apartment buildings around public transit and job centers.

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Michael Schneider joins us from New York, where he's attending the annual ritual of the broadcast TV upfronts.

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Lost Notes is a podcast that we love.  It’s about music. We think you should subscribe.

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