Breaking down gentrification with Young Creator Mariana Ramos

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The Santa Ana Art Walk takes place on the first Saturday of each month, and features local vendors. It’s also the subject of Mariana Ramos’ Young Creators Project submission. Credit: YouTube.

KCRW’s Young Creators Project is showcasing journalism submissions from LA-based writers under 21. Nineteen-year-old Mariana Ramos is studying journalism at Fullerton College. She also writes for Inside Fullerton, a news, culture, and lifestyle magazine. 

Her video submission to the Young Creator’s Project covers the Santa Ana Art Walk, which is held on the first Saturday of each month in downtown Santa Ana. It features profiles of both attendees and vendors, who talk about the event’s cultural and artistic influence on the Latino community. 

Ramos tells KCRW that she drew inspiration for this piece after working on a story about Latino artists in Santa Ana. While reporting, she found one common theme running through many of her interviews: gentrification. 

“I wanted to do a video on the art walk and talk to those vendors and those artists that are taking part in this mission to keep Santa Ana alive,” Ramos explains. “I wanted to be honest and open with what gentrification really is. … And I wanted to show them the people that live there and the people that are surrounded by it, the people that have been in Santa Ana for years.” 

Her favorite part about reporting? “Definitely the most controversial topics. Definitely getting deep with who I interview with, and really bringing to light topics that … are not understood well.” 

Keep up with Ramos’ work through Inside Fullerton’s website and YouTube