Geoff Dyer: White Sands

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Paradoxically, Geoff Dyer begins his attempt to locate America by first traveling to Tahiti. There, he discovers that Gauguin’s vision of it no longer exists – if it ever really did. Can he find the soul of America in its landscapes? Shifting sands blur the boundaries of roads in New Mexico’s White Sands – and Dyer blurs the boundaries of literary form. Is he writing essays or stories? Is his visit to China’s Forbidden City mostly an invention? When a minor stroke briefly limits his eyesight, Dyer struggles with how to respond. The reader is challenged to respond with complexity as Dyer journeys through America in White Sands: Experiences from the Outside World.

Read an excerpt from White Sands.

Photo: Matt Stuart



  • Geoff Dyer - Writer and author of “The Last Days of Roger Federer and Other Endings.”