Per Petterson, Ethan Nosowsky and Geir Berdahl on Publishing

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We talk to author Per Petterson, editor Ethan Nosowsky, and publisher Geir Berdahl about the what it takes to bring a book to life and about the changing world of publishing. Who gets to decide what real writing is – the author, the editor, or the publisher? Is publishing in crisis? The answer is a resounding no from this panel. With a growing variety of presses, more critical writing, and a resurgence of independent books, publishing is still holding its own in this new media world.

Photo: (L-R) Ethan Nosowsky, Per Petterson and Geir Berdahl (Alex Pieros)


Per Petterson - novelist, Ethan Nosowsky - Graywolf Press - @nosowsky, Geir Berdahl - Forlaget Oktober

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