Crystal Cathedral’s resurrection; billboards on the Sunset Strip

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West Hollywood’s new digital sign project, dubbed “Sunset Spectacular,” includes this billboard designed by architect Tom Wiscombe. Image courtesy Tom Wiscombe Architecture

When Philip Johnson built the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove for televangelist Robert Schuller in 1980 it was called "the largest glass building in the world." Now it’s the new home for Orange County's Catholics, renamed Christ Cathedral, and architects Johnson Fain have dialed down the sunlight with a bold screen of “quatrefoils.”

And, the City of West Hollywood is in the midst of creating digital billboards that are visually appealing without offending residents. We'll hear about how they plan to achieve that, and we'll go back to the late 1960s, when rock ‘n’ roll billboards ruled the Sunset Strip, and hear about a billboard-related mystery that went unsolved for decades.