Chris Burden's High-Speed Vision of LA's Future

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Chris Burden foresees an LA where cars self-drive at over 200 miles an hour. Utopian or dystopian fantasy? We hear about Metropolis II from Chris Burden, Michael Govan, Thomas Crow, Zack Cook and Dan Neil. Plus, Barton Choy and Steve Wong on Chinese-American postwar architects in Los Angeles; and Benjamin Ball on the Temporary Insanity of installation design.



Chris Burden, Metropolis II, 2010
Three 1/2 hr DC motors with motor controllers, 1100 custom manufactured die-cast cars, 13 HO-scale train sets with controllers and tracks, steel, aluminum, shielded copper wire, copper sheet, brass, various plastics, assorted woods and manufactured wood products, Legos, Lincoln Logs, Dado Cubes, glass, ceramic and natural stone tiles, acrylic and oil-base paints, rubber, sundry adhesives
9' 9" (H) x 28' 3" (w) x 19' 2" (D)
Courtesy of the Nicholas Berggruen Charitable Foundation © Chris Burden
Photo © 2012 Museum Associates/LACMA


Banner image: Chris Burden, Metropolis II, 2010; Courtesy of the Nicholas Berggruen Charitable Foundation © Chris Burden; Photo © 2012 Museum Associates/LACMA