Michael Schmidt Makes a 3-D Printed Dress

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Michael Schmidt has spent decades cladding Cher, Madonna, Lady Gaga and other supernovas in stunning costumes made of materials that don’t fit the usual definition of fabric: from Legos to chain mail of sterling silver links to razor blades. Now he's testing the possibilities of printed powdered plastic, in a dress designed with architect Francis Bitonti, for burlesque artist Dita Von Teese. He says wanted to take the "inherently rigid material" and render it "supple." That dress -- made of thousands of components covered in Swarovski crystals -- and some of his others will be on show at LACMA Wednesday night in an event produced by the Costume Council. 

And there he will also talk to fashion journalist and A+R owner Rose Apodaca about his work and life. Apodaca also interviewed Schmidt for DnA, as they prepared for their night at LACMA. He explained that his career got started when he moved from Kansas City to New York and he got his first big break when Cher bought a creation of his.




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