A Few More Holiday Gift Ideas?

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One of at least three food-related Fifty Shades of Grey parodies

Our Supervising Producer, Gillian, put together a beautiful holiday gift guide earlier this week; Evan also shared her favorite cookbooks of the year. But what if your giftee has all the fancy olive oil they need?

For those looking for a gastronomy-related gag gift, us Good Foodies have found not one but THREE food-themed parodies of the ubiquitous S&M trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey.

There’s Fifty Shades of Earl Grey, which, from its Amazon description, doesn’t seem to be very much about tea.

There’s Fifty Shades of Bacon, a recipe book you might want to keep away from the kids. (I’d never heard of an “erotic cookbook” before, but hey, food blogs are all about education, right?)

And, finally, Fifty Shades of Chicken is sitting on my desk, hidden underneath more respectable titles like the ones on Evan’s list.  My reading for the show often includes conversation pieces, but, you know, severed arms are one thing and soft-core pornography is another.

Fifty Shades of Chicken is a combination cookbook and narrative. We watch a chicken – I forget if she has a name (isn’t that something people often complain about porn characters?) – react with trepidation, then sensual glee, as a hunky chef prepares her…maybe 50?…different ways, from “Plain Vanilla Chicken” to “Learning to Truss You” to “Spicy Fowl” and “Steamy White Meat”.

You can get acquainted with these characters in the book’s trailer below. It’s not safe for work, yadda yadda yadda, but if that’s a concern of yours you should probably just read about tofu instead.