A Pizza Expert Shares His Amazing Pizza Box Collection

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Photo by Michael Berman

His collection consists of about 750 pizza boxes that hail from all over the globe. Some of his favorite designs hail from Japan, where he says they employ particularly intricate designs atop their pizza boxes. And not only are they detailed in terms of appearance, some of them are technologically advanced.

“There are a couple of boxes from some chain pizzerias in Japan and in China where the box will come with a link to download an app for your phone or for your tablet, and the app interacts with the image on the box,” Wiener said.

But perhaps his favorite pizza box art of all is from the land of pizza itself, Italy. Luca Ciancio is an Italian artist who treats the tops of pizza boxes as if they were canvases.

“That’s what intrigued me about the pizza boxes in the first place.” He added. “In some countries, especially in Italy, they treat the box as much as artwork as they do the food itself.”

See more photos of Scott Wiener’s pizza box collection below, and make sure you tune into his Google Talk on Pizza.