Barossa Farmers Market

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Yesterday we visited the farmers market in The Barossa, which is an indoor market made up of individual vendors.  It’s not produce-driven as much as it is artisan food makers.  There is a cheesemaker, a couple of bakeries, lots of jams and sauces, olive oil, etc.  Evan had one of the best egg sandwiches ever.  It was a fresh fried egg on a roll with bacon.  Bacon here isn’t heavily smoked like ours, and it’s not as ham-like as Canadian bacon.  It’s really good.  We picked up some olive oil from a guy playing a ukulele, an a chicken leek pie from a woman named Eleni.  I bought 2 figs from a couple with a fabulous table – they had kumquats, figs, a few dozen eggs, honey and some jams; it was an individual backyard farm.  They don’t have the quantities that we see at the Santa Monica market, these are smaller, more individual growers.