Become a KCRW Member and Support the Food Bank

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If you’re a regular KCRW listener, you obviously know by now that we are in the midst of our Winter Member Drive.  It’s that time of year when we come on the air to tell you all the reasons you should support us.  Today I have one more reason why you should join. Become a member today and you will also support another organization that is critical to Southern California: the LA Regional Food Bank.

KCRW Volunteers (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

The Food Bank services over 900 organizations across the southland.  In 2010, they distributed 62 million pounds of food. “During the holidays there is so much attention paid to those in need. We started thinking about what happens after that.  The need is still there and we wanted to give our members an option to support more than just KCRW with their donation,” said KCRW General Manager, Jennifer Ferro.

With a $100 donation or more to KCRW, you can choose to give 40 meals to LA Regional Food Bank.

“The Food Bank thanks KCRW and its members for their commitment to fight hunger in our community. Only with the help of organizations such as KCRW, is the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank able to continue serving more than 1 million children, seniors and adults who count on us every year,” said Michael Flood, President and CEO, Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.

So pick up the phone (800-600-KCRW), go online ( or text us (“KCRW” to 69866).  You’ll be supporting KCRW and the LA Regional Food Bank.