Become a Wine Expert with this Scratch and Sniff Book

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Betts Wine Map

Tired of pretending to appreciate an expensive wine because you feel like you have to? Richard Betts’s new book might be for you.

“Typically wine books bore you for hundreds of pages by talking about vineyards, soils, sulfur terroir, the farmers’ dog and gooseberries,” Betts writes in his new book, The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert. The book is a completely unpretentious (and fun!) guide that outlines the basics of developing your wine palate. With colorful photos and areas to scratch and sniff, the book helps to demystify the overwhelming world of wine. Click on the image above to make the image bigger. Click a second time to really zoom in.

Listen to his conversation with Good Food’s Evan Kleiman below: