Beer Pairings for your Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

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Courtesy of James Lee via Flickr

A Super Bowl party isn’t complete without an array of savory snacks and beers to wash them down with. But choosing the right beer to go with the right snack can be a bit overwhelming.

L.A. ‘beer chickChristina Perozzi gave us her recommendations for brews that pair perfectly with everything from potato skins to buffalo wings.

buffalo wings2
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1. Buffalo wings, Chili, Jalapeño poppers

Allagash White – A White Ale is a perfect way to cool down anything with a ton of spice.


2. Seven Layer Dip, Nachos and Guacamole

A toasty and dry Negra Modelo is my favorite beer for anything Tex Mex.

pigs in a blanket
3. Pigs in a blanket and Sliders

A hoppy and dry English style IPA like Goose Island IPA is great with juicy frankfurters and burgers.

potato skins
4. Potato Skins

An earthy beer like Full Sail Amber is delicious with roasted potato skins (and the toppings)

spinach artichoke dip
5. Onion dip & spinach artichoke dip

An herbaceous saison like Saison duPont.