Bogota Snack Car

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I’m currently in Bogota, Colombia for a public radio conference.  I’m here to give a talk on the many ways we at KCRW reach our audience.  Yes, that’s all well and good and very exciting… but I’m also here to eat, of course.  I haven’t had any big meals, weird foods or even an arepa yet.  But one thing I can report on are the many many snack vendors around.  They sell everything from sweets, chips, and fruit.  I saw this one enterprising guy selling sweets out of the back of his hatchback:


So as I sit in my hotel room, working on my speech, I’m having a tasty snack – mango verde with lime juice and salt, papaya, plantain chips and water.  Supposedly it’s safe to drink from the tap, but I’m not taking any chances.