Brunch Recipe: Bread Pudding with Bacon and Herbs

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Photo: David Kiang

Theresa Wahl, owner of Auntie Em’s Kitchen in Eagle Rock, is a brunch enthusiast. Her forthcoming cookbook, The Auntie Em’s Cookbook: A Musician’s Guide to Breakfast & Brunch is a celebration of her love of homemade food and of the atmosphere she fosters in her cafe. And Theresa, as a former member of an all-girl punk band, infuses her passion for music in each recipe where she suggests a song to cook each recipe by.

Spend your weekend morning in, and cook this savory recipe for Bread Pudding with Bacon & Herbs while listening to some Curtis Mayfield.

If you want more recipes like this, including homemade ketchup and instructions on how to preserve late summer bounty, Auntie Em’s Cookbook will be released on June 10,  2014, but it is currently available for pre-order here.