Casey Lane’s Marinated Beets

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Weiser Farm at the Santa Monica Farmers Market (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Today on Good Food, Laura Avery interviews Casey Lane, Executive Chef at The Tasting Kitchen in Venice. Casey likes to marinate his beets before incorporating them into his dishes. First, he tosses the raw beets with olive oil, thyme and black pepper, places them on a sheet pan with plenty of room to breath. He then puts a small amount of water in the bowl that he tossed the beets and spices together, swirls it around, and pours the water and leftover spices mixture on to the bottom of the sheet pan with the beets. He covers the pan and cooks the beets until tender. He says that little bit of moisture from the water prevents the beets from drying out or getting too wrinkled. When cooked through he peels the beets and marinates them immediately in a sprinkle of Banyuls Wine Vinegar.

At the moment Casey is shopping for Bull’s Blood Beets from Gloria’s. He also likes to buy the golden and chioggia beets from Weiser Farm.