Christine Moore’s Lemon meringue pie

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On last week’s showChristine Moore revealed how she caught the bug to become a professional baker. She told Evan Kleiman she learned to peel apples and line tart shells at patisseries in Paris before returning to LA to work for Nancy Silverton. Now Moore owns three restaurants in Pasadena and it’s safe to say she has mastered the difficult art of making flaky, buttery pie crusts, tart shells and meringue pie tops. We tapped Moore for baking tips and a lemon meringue pie recipe ahead of KCRW’s “Good Food” pie contest, which she will once again judge on Sunday, October 2.

When asked what she looks for in a pie, Moore says she has just a few criteria, “a properly baked shell,” being the main one. “I want the most delicious apple pie. Period. Simple and well done.” The key to baking the perfect pie shell, she says, is to “keep it in the oven longer.” For fruit pies, “examine your undercrust and make sure that it’s properly placed in the oven and make sure that the bottom of your pie is properly cooked.” She tells her staff at Little Flower Candy Company, Lincoln and C’est la Vie to “bake like a French girl. Leave it in the oven.”

When it comes to the meringue, Moore says the trick is to dissolve the sugar in the oven for several minutes before mixing it into the egg whites. This will keep the meringue pie top fluffy with beautiful, glossy peaks.

This gorgeous lemon meringue pie is one of our favorite recipes in Christine Moore’s new “Little Flower Baking” cookbook. (Photo by Staci Valentine) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)