Cocktail recipe: The Mae West from The Library Bar’s Matthew Biancaniello

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Tomorrow on Good Food, Laura Avery talks to mixologist Matthew Biancaniello about his seasonal cocktails at the Library Bar at the Roosevelt Hotel.  Matthew is a big fan of Windrose Farm, especially their fresh squeezed heirloom tomato juice.  He’s incorporating the tomato juice into his Mae West cocktail, his house-made sangrita and he recently used it in a beer cocktail for LA Beer Week.  He also takes the whole tomatoes from Windrose, combines them with scallions and peppers to create a gazpacho and allows the mixture to drip for 4 hours, capturing the clear tomato-infused liquid.  He then adds this to champagne in what he calls a Bubbly Mary.

His recipe for the Mae West is below…

The Mae West

(makes 1 cocktail)

1 oz of Hendricks gin

1 oz of Saint Germain

2 oz of heirloom tomato juice

Shake and strain over ice.  Enjoy.