Congratulations to the 2018 Good Food Pie Contest Winners!

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Father/daughter team, Megan & Mike Craven won “Best in Show” for their Chocolate Cream with toasted meringue pie. Photo by Brian Feinzimer.

Congratulations to all the winners of our ninth annual KCRW Good Food Pie Contest! The beloved event returned after a one-year hiatus to UCLA’s Royce Quad on Sunday, May 6. Judging from the impressive turnout and record-breaking number of entries, anticipation appeared to be at an all-time high. Nearly 500 pies were entered in eight categories: fruit, savory, cooked custard, cream, nut, vegan and a special Oaxacan category, coordinated in partnership with the Fowler Museum at UCLA. This year the competition also sported a brand new kids’ category that had 30 budding bakers ages 10 and under vying for top honors.

In past years, fruit and savory pies have tended to dominate the competition, although 2016 saw a cooked custard pie win (Renee Tracy’s salted cinnamon honey pie stole the show). This year, the winning entry belonged to the cream category. With a chocolate pie, no less!


Meg & Mike Craven’s chocolate cream pie with toasted meringue took home this year’s “Best in Show.” (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

Best in Show: “Chocolate Cream with Toasted Meringue” by father/daughter team, Meg and Mike Craven.

The judges awarded Meg and Mike Craven’s pie the Best in Show ribbon for perfectly balanced chocolate filling and an exquisitely executed toasted topping.


Yuko McCollum’s Spice beef hand pies took home best crust. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

Best Crust: “Spice beef hand pies” by Yuko McCollum.

McCollum’s golden brown hand pies had the right amount of flakiness to wow this year’s judging panel.


Meg & Mike Craven’s chocolate cream pie with toasted meringue took home this year’s “Best Decor,” as well as “Best in Show” and 1st place in the cream category. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

Best in decor: “Chocolate Cream with Toasted Meringue” by father/daughter team, Meg and Mike Craven.

Meg and Mike Craven manage to create a visually stunning toasted meringue topping that dropped jaws.


“Very berry pie” baked by Jenny Hu topped the fruit category. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Very berry pie” by Jenny Hu
2nd Place: “Blackberry lime pie” by Kevin Woods
3rd Place: “Loquat pie” by Naomi Kobrin


Kevin Wood’s “Apple bourbon” pie beat out all the other apple applicants in this year’s new category. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Apple bourbon” by Kevin Woods
2nd Place: “American Apple Pie with honey and orange” by Penny Keaton
3rd Place: “Apple ginger vanilla” by Angela Matsuoka


“Caramelized onion and butternut squash” by Kimberly State stole Sang Yoon’s heart and won “Best Savory Pie.” (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Carmelized onion and butternut squash” by Kimberly State
2nd Place: “Spice beef hand pie” by Yuko McCollum
3rd Place: “BLM” by Ronald Bacon


Meg & Mike Craven’s chocolate cream pie with toasted meringue took home this year’s best in show. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Chocolate Cream with toasted meringue” by Meg and Mike Craven
2nd Place: “Peanut butter cream” by Kelly Groff
3rd Place: “Mudslide pie” by Lindsay Kirk


“Four roses Southern pecan” by Carolyn Wheeler won this year’s nut category. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Four roses Southern pecan” by Carolyn Wheeler
2nd Place: “Holiday chocolate and assorted nut pie” by Penny Keaton
3rd Place: “Triple nut caramel pie” by Patricia Lapiezo


“Kaya toast pie” by Ann Leese took home the best custard ribbon. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Kaya toast pie” by Ann Leese
2nd Place: “Meyer lemon pie with pecan graham crust” by Jackson Kalb
3rd Place: “Salted caramel toffee chess pie” by Kelly Edwards


This vegan chocolate pudding pie by Timiza Sanyika took home the best vegan prize. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Chocolate pudding pie” by Timiza Sanyika
2nd Place: “Vegan coconut pie” by Leslie Mialma
3rd Place: “Almond Joy coconut cream with chocolate almond fudge” by Beth Griffiths


This year, kids were given their own category and we saw a handful of great pies from our young bakers!

1st Place: “Apple brown sugar pie” by Kate Sherry
2nd Place: “Banoffee pie” by Ivy Rietz
3rd Place: “Lemon blueberry icebox pie” by Caroline Kcenich


“Oaxacan chocolate with mezcal meringue” took home the 1st place in the Oaxacan category. (Rosalie Atkinson/KCRW)

1st Place: “Oaxacan chocolate with mezcal meringue” by Emily Deasy
2nd Place: “Oaxacan mole maria” by Kelly Edwards
3rd Place: “Oaxaca baseball chocolate pie” by Kristin Windell

Tasting497 pies isn’t easy… it takes a village! (Brian Feinzimer/KCRW)

Thanks to an expert panel of food industry judges, we were able to taste hundreds of pies, break into countless flaky crusts, and have a great day of fun and food on UCLA’s gorgeous campus. Head over to facebook to see each entered pie and judge for yourself.