Congratulations to the Winners of the 4th Annual Good Food Pie Contest!

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Nicole Mournian showing off her 4 ribbons with the judges. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)
Morgan Simons with her multiple ribbons.

This year’s pie contest was the fiercest competition yet. 285 pies were entered. A handful of bakers bowed out last minute – was the pressure of baking two pies was too great? – but there is no doubt that this year showcased the most pies ever in the history of the Good Food Pie Contest. First off congratulations to everyone who entered. Some bakers entered in every category meaning that they submitted a total of 10 pies to the contest. Others focused on just one recipe. In the end, a handful were victorious. Both Morgan Simmons and Nicole Mournian stole the show, each winning two first place ribbons. But Nicole nabbed two additional ribbons for Best Crust and Best in Show as well. Stay tuned for an interview with Nicole in the next few weeks on Good Food. All of the winners are below…

Fruit: 1. Nicole Mournian, Blackberry Huckleberry Ginger; 2. Gretchen Putnam, Freeform Apple; 3. Jess Filippi, Blueberry.

Savory: 1. Nicole Mournian, Pork and Peas; 2. Nancy Mehagian, Bistilla; 3. Claudia Choi, OMG Pie.

Cream: 1. Morgan Simons, Key-Lime Coconut Cream; 2. Jessica Kubel, Salted Caramel Peanut Butter; 3. Robyn Poarch, Buttermilk Custard.

Nut: 1. Morgan Simons, PB&J; 2. Robyn Poarch, Southern Pecan; 3. Sarah Culver, Maple Chocolate Pecan.

Metropolis: 1. Tonya Dooley, Chocolate Cappuccino Brownie; 2. Jennifer Wang, Taro Pie; 3. Mira Green, Auto-Pie-A.