Creative and family friendly: Hot dog fried rice

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Jessica Battilana recalls watching her mother paw through the pages of her Silver Palate Cookbook . During her mother’s era, this was the cookbook that home cooks relied on for classic recipes like Chicken Marbella or raspberry vinaigrette carrots. When she was drafting her cookbook, “Repertoire: All the Recipes You Need,” Battilana wanted to write recipes that people would return to again and again. The book compiles roughly 75 trustworthy and versatile recipes that can stand alone or be mixed and matched for an exceptional spread.

Battilana has been writing recipes for nearly two decades. For new or nervous cooks, Battilana’s San Francisco Chronicle column “ Repertoire ,” helps ease any kitchen anxiety with fun, approachable recipes. She wants to help home cooks branch out and use cooking as a creative outlet.

For her hot dog fried rice, she says the recipe is a great opportunity to clear out any scraps that might be hiding in the fridge in a kid-approved, tasty way. “I’ve tested this with many ingredients, stirring in cubed ham, leftover shredded pork, rotisserie chicken, grilled shrimp, and a panoply of vegetables ranging from broccoli and spinach to zucchini and fennel,” says Battilana. Somehow, it always works; fried rice is the great equalizer.” But she warns, “The eggs and green onions are non-negotiable, however, and that duo, along with soy sauce, is what I think really gives fried rice its signature flavor.”