Dim Sum Truck; Hunger in the Classroom; The Great Molasses Flood; Cheesecake

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What’s it like to ride in a food truck?  This week on Good Food, deep end diner Eddie Lin hitches a ride in the Dim Sum Truck.  Steve Puleo tells the story of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919.  Hatfield’s Restaurant is back in a new location.  Jonathan Gold has a review.  Hunger in the classroom is a serious and growing problem, says Share our Strength’s Billy Shore.

Could the iPad have saved Gourmet magazine?  This week, Lessley Anderson of Chow.com discusses the future of cookbooks and other food publishing.  Amanda Hesser updates us on the online community cookbook Food52.com.

Plus, Martha Groves of the Los Angeles Times gives us the details on the sting operation that revealed whale meat being served at a Santa Monica restaurant. Evan discusses cheesecake varieties with Abby Dodge.  And celebrate Persian New Year at the Santa Monica Farmers Market with Laura Avery.