Dispatches from New York: The Union Square Greenmarket

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A trip to New York last week reminded me of both why I love New York and why I left New York.  I love the pulse of the sidewalks, the chance encounters, the feeling of Fall.  I love the abundance of Stumptown Coffee, the peanut butter cookies from City Bakery, the pizza at Robertas.  I love that you can walk into a restaurant in Brooklyn at midnight and have to wait for a table.  On the flip side, I do not love when it rains in New York.  I do not love getting stuck in between two stops on the subway.  And most of all my wallet hates New York.


But the Union Square Greenmarket can make anyone fall in love with New York.  Abundant and colorful, it highlights what is best about every season amidst the blur of yellow taxis, the lurking architecture above and the rumbling subway below.  To see what’s fresh this week, check out these photos after the jump…