Domestic Wines to Drink this Thanksgiving

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Say the words “Thanksgiving wines” and in response you’ll hear Beaujolais Nouveau. It’s not a bad choice, but why not go full-Patriot and drink domestic this holiday season? This weekend on Good Food Jill Bernheimer of Domaine LA shares her picks for Thanksgiving wines made in America. This Sunday at her Melrose Avenue shop she’ll be pouring some of these selections from 2-5pm. The tasting is $15 including tasting pours of each wine and cheese.
Valdiguié – aka “Napa Gamay”
Domaine LA sells Valdiguié from both Broc Cellars and Folk Machine.
Don’t go white, go orange
Skin fermented whites are the new black. Try Donkey and Goat’s Stone Crusher.
For those who don’t “do” wine
Tilted Shed’s Graviva! cider (made from Gravenstein apples) is lightly sparkling and is great for drinking before and during the meal.
Before the food…
The 2013 Massican Vermouth is a Napa based, small production vermouth made with Friulano grapes. Jill recommends serving it straight up as an aperitif. If you prefer to mix your liquids, try it with a little sparking water over ice and garnished with an orange peel.
For an aperitif with bubbles, Jill suggests Teutonic Wine Company’s Blanc de Noirs Extra Brut. It’s a super dry, sparkling white produced outside of Portland, Oregon.